Common Elements and Distillation Approach to Research Synthesis (CEDARS)

MPIs: Bryce D. McLeod Ph.D. & Kevin Sutherland Ph.D.

Funding: IES Exploration R305A140487, 2022-2025.

In collaboration with Kevin Sutherland (School of Education, VCU), we are using the Distillation and Matching Model to synthesize the literature focused on models and practices designed to improve elementary students' social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes. Applying the Distillation and Matching Model to the elementary literature represents the next step in a research program designed to produce actionable information about common elements that researchers and stakeholders (administrators, teachers) can use to develop and evaluate tailored interventions. The accomplishment of the study aims will lead to an IES Development and Innovation project focused on developing a decision support and implementation toolkit to inform the selection and implementation of interventions tailored to meet the unique SEB needs of elementary students within specific authentic school contexts.