Our group is engaged in research projects designed to promote understanding of how interventions reduce dysfunction and promote mental health in children and inform efforts to improve the quality of mental health care in community-based service settings. At present, the lab’s main research efforts are focused on efforts to better understand how we can implement and sustain programs and practices designed to support the mental health needs of youth in community settings. The research projects provide opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to learn about and participate in research focused upon improving the quality of mental health care for children and their families in community settings. Collaborators on our ongoing projects include Kevin Sutherland (VCU School of Education), Maureen Conroy (University of Florida),  Jeffrey Wood (UCLA), Kristen Granger (Vanderbilt University), Jason E. Chapman (Oregon Social Learning Center), Michael Southam-Gerow (VCU Psychology Department), John R. Weisz (Harvard University), Aaron Lyon (University of Washington), and  Aaron Hogue (Partnership to End Addiction).